The Portrait Project


One-Day Portraits of

High School Students

The Portrait Project was started several years ago and involves going to high school art classrooms during school hours to paint portraits of students. It is a great way to engage students in the process of portrait painting and to experience sitting for a portrait, which they get to keep. They also learn how to stretch and tone the canvas for their portrait. Funding from grants, such as CB Cares, have helped support The Portrait Project.

The exciting painting style of one-day Alla Prima portraits, connecting with student artists, and sharing my knowledge of painting, motivates me to continue with more Portrait Projects in the future. Please contact me with questions and interest about The Portrait Project.

The Student Experience

“An image that is a celebration and has life to it.”

“Know what it’s like to be a portrait painter and how they work.”

“Being replicated into a lovey piece of art will help my self-esteem.”

“Cool to see what I look like on the outside to someone who doesn’t know me.”

“An amazing memory for my senior year to appreciate forever along with my family.”

“My family has been going through so much this year, I just know this will bring a huge smile on their faces.”

“We will never forget this amazing experience!”

“I love it so much and think it looks just like me.”

“Being able to watch you paint every week was so awesome.”

“Watching you paint everyone inspired me to start painting my friends’ portraits.”

“It’s so common for people, and myself included, to cringe at pictures of ourselves in the one snap of a moment.  If we could all see ourselves in images that took time and care to become what that image is, like people need time and care, we’d celebrate ourselves and appearance a little more.”